About us

Published in three languages (English, French and German), The European Scientist gives the floor to researchers and experts who wish to explain to our fellow citizens the ins and outs of the scientific debates taking place in Europe. The site seeks to rise above the level of political speeches that are all too often biased or reductionist.

Jean-Paul Oury is the Editor in Chief of The European Scientist. He holds a PhD in epistemology, history of science and technology from Paris VII Jussieu and is a published author.  He specializes in transdisciplinary issues that link communication, technology and politics.

Guy-André Pelouze is a renowned surgeon with a keen interest for the progress made in his field of work. He pays close attention to changes in doctor’s working conditions and systemic evolutions that affect the standard of care for patients.

Claude Huriet is a senior teacher and former French senator specialized in bioethics. He was head of the Curie Institute.

Sebastien Point is an engineer and doctor of physics. He is vice-president of the non-ionizing radiation department of the French Radiation Protection Society.

Gil Rivière-Wekstein is the founder of the French faming policy analysis blog Agriculture & Environnement. He writes engaged pieces about topics such as GMOs, pesticides, irrigation and organic farming.

Edgar Ludwig Gärtner is a hydrobiologist, ecologist and political essayist. He works both in Germany and France. He wrote for a number of magazines, including Science & Vie, Ökologische Briefe and WWF-Journals. He also is a member of the Centre for the New Europe thinktank.

Christophe Nourissier is a political analyst and advisor. He ran several campaigns (Presidential campaigns and general elections as well as referendums) and is the speechwriter for several European and French African leading figures. He is project manager for the European Scientists.

Rebecca Ochs graduated from Cornell University with a degree in anthropology specializing in global health. She has worked as a communications consultant to various organizations, including corporations, nonprofits, and UN agencies.

Niels Linden is a freelance communications consultant specialising in social media management. Proficient in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, Niels has worked in communications and press relations for several international organisations in Brussels and Paris.

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